The Conjuror

Ola. I am Meris. And this is my cheesecake journey. 

Have I had a whole cheesecake all by myself? Yes. I made a souffléd Ricotta cheesecake with cinnamon quince between the base and the creamy filling. Amazingly souffléd. One slice a night. One sigh per bite.  I first baked a cheesecake seven years ago. Ever since, I have been documenting my process, my love and hate, and my completely insane obsession for this delicate dessert through my blog which has been through its own ups and downs. I love telling a good story, be it in writing or through photographs. I live in beautiful Canada, with my family. A lot more about me HERE

So if you are here to watch, please put on your invisible cloak. If you are here to bake with me, come in. I believe promptly picked up shall not be considered fallen. 



Want to reach me? Email me at mailmidnightcheesecake [at] gmail [dot] com OR fill out the form below for business inquiries. 


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