Chocolate Cheesecake


This story is about finding love.

Kissed all over and spanked well in a hot oven, she puffs up and trembles all over, reminding me that she is indeed the finest goddess of all desserts. Cheesecake. She makes me sin in a way no one has ever sinned before. If it was not for this midnight love, I wouldn't have known how to survive. 

I am a night cat. So I am not into sleeping so much, but when I do, I want it perfect. When it doesn’t happen to me, I get stressed. And when I am stressed, I resort to a lot of things like chewing on hair, cuticles or gum. Or pole dancing on my tripod. Maybe taking one hour baths where I reenact scenes from Psycho. You know, just normal people things. But when these don't work, I do some filthy midnight baking. And this one particular night, I have decided to bury myself alive in a delightful chocolate cheesecake and let her take my stress away. I did not care about my sleep anymore; I would have the warmth of cheesecake.

Fast forward to 3 in the morning. My chocolate cheesecake is in the oven, waiting to be sliced into. Dishes are done. I rub my appletini body cream on and sit back. A few more minutes in and she comes out with that perfect satin finish top that always melts my heart. She smells of dew-drop mornings – maybe if mornings came in chocolate. And there I accomplish two tasks at one go. 1) Stress-relief midnight baking. 2) Launch of my little journey with cheesecakes. 

Meris CherianComment