Deep fried cheesecake


The night where she is cut, bound and... deep fried

Let me continue talking about this tale of twisted love. I remember how I ran into the kitchen when my usual dose of cheer leading in my stuffy room wasn't really helping me. Yes, some nights are just a little different than the others and I turn into something very grouchy and uninviting, that would put any of Shakespeare's insults to shame. Some nights I just want to kill a cat. That is how bad it is.

And those nights, it brings out the sadistic lover in me. And thus my vanilla bean cheesecake squares became a part of an ingenious plan to make this particular night a little extra steamy. I added in a handful of blackberries, that drifted down and found its home underneath the flecked ocean of vanilla cream cheese filling. Then they were baked into submission. What actually made the act fill up with delight was what I did with them next.

After the cheesecake was cut up, each of the squares were laid on wonton wrappers. I imagine they loved it, since some wicked dark chocolate managed to sneak in with the cheesecake squares. For some of them, I upped the torture levels by adding fresh slices of banana. Each of them was then bound and the wontons were polished with some egg-wash. And there, such fine pieces of.... cheesecake!

The peak point of pleasure will be after I throw them into that pan of hot oil.

And then it happened. She went in and came out quivering with heat and the folds on her turned a rich golden brown; looked like she was sweating and panting, waiting for the love-bites to fall on her. A few dollops of cream and some cocoa powder sprinkled all over helps elevate the whole experience, I say.

When you dig your teeth deep in, and as you see all that melted chocolate oozing out, and the almost-cooked bananas frolicking in cheesy, gooey chocolate - tread with caution. You are entering a zone of no return. And you might just want to indulge in some more of those sadistic fantasies. Oh, go on. No one's around. Go on.

Cheesecake song for the night: Gimme Gimme by ABBA