Ola. I am Meris. And this is my cheesecake journey.…

I first baked a cheesecake ten years ago. Ever since, I have been documenting my process, my love and hate, and my completely insane obsession for this delicate dessert through my blog which has been through its own ups and downs. I love telling a good story, be it in writing or through photographs.


What's your name, again?
That’s Meris. I am an Indian, born in the Middle East, with a Latin name, and a love for Greece.

Have you had a whole cheesecake all by yourself?
No shame here, yes. Quite a lot. I still have great memories of a souffléd Ricotta cheesecake with cinnamon quince between the base and the creamy filling.

Beautifully souffléd.

One slice a night.

One sigh per bite.  

Okay, not really convinced about that one. Really?
Mhmm. I have. Many times, to be honest.

So what do you do in real life?
I am a writer and content specialist. It will all be here soon: merischerian.com

Are you on Instagram?
Midnight Cheesecake is on Instagram as @_midnightcheesecake. I know, the underscore irks me as well. I have other lives that roll around doing other things on Instagram too, and you can follow me if you so wish. I walk and see things, and try to make little haiku-like verses here @walkwithmeris. Tune into my food stories as I cook and discover flavours and ingredients over at @hotstovestories. I also take pictures of magnificent houses in my dearest hood, Parkdale, here @housesofparkdale! Phew, that’s quite a lot.


The Story

It's half past eleven. I am very sleepless. I stir. I get fidgety and get up mumbling. I know it's time. I tip toe through the hallway into this place where I meet up with phantoms that dance to my arrival. On my way, I do not stop to listen to snoring or heavy breathing. A cough here, a cough there. I feel those big black ants following me to get a glimpse of what is going to happen. Are they a tad scared? I am not. The elves make my job easier. The fire burns. I whip up all my emotions into what I call the midnight cheesecake. And I get blessed by the cheesecake gods.